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as Cherie in Bus Stop at Avalon Theatre in St. Louis

"Katie Consamus delivers a concentrated performance of bold choices. There's nothing subtle here; Consamus is out on a limb every minute. She must have gotten a lot of support from director Peter Mayer, because it all works. Her Cherie is foolish and poignant and an utter delight."

Dennis Brown, The Riverfront Times

as Clytemnestra in Messenger #1 at Hunger & Thirst Theatre Collective, NYC

"Consamus plays the unsympathetic role of a postulate dictatress to the hilt.

as Lucy in Dracula at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

"Katie Consamus (Lucy) brings her sexy swagger to Lucy, changing from a proper Victorian "lady" to a voracious, sexually aggressive vixen.  She is marvelous in both modes, but she practically smolders as the seductive, bloodthirsty Lucy."

as Anne/Rege in Contrafact of Freedom at Capital Fringe

"However it’s Katie Consamus as Anne, and Lauren Lubow as Polly who steal the show, particularly in a hilarious scene where they do double duty portraying drunk and illiterate British soldiers Rege and Will."

Lisa Chiu, DC Theatre Scene

as Moll in Kid Simple at Xavier Theatre in St. Louis

"As a precocious young scientist who invents a machine that detects sounds beyond the hearing of humans, Katie Consamus has a delectably quirky stage presence, enhanced by legs that reach all the way up to her pigtails."

Dennis Brown, The Riverfront Times

Photo Courtsey of Colorado Springs FAC

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